A few years ago, I saw a picture of a Jewelianne Repaint, which, if memory serves me, was an homage to 1960's bombshell Brigitte Bardot. It was a stunning repaint and a stunning photo. (Jewelianne's numerous artistic talents include exceptional photography skills.) I knew then that I needed to add one of her repaints to my collection.

Like most repaint artists, Jewelianne can create celebrity likenesses -- her Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly is a knockout -- to glamorous, right-off-the-runway high fashion faces. But, in my opinion, she is the best in the business at creating the ingenue, meaning the fresh-faced and pretty girl-next-door look. I assume that the production team from Universal's TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR, aided by a time-travel device, based Debbie Reynolds' look in that film on a Jewelianne Repaint. (Insert wink emoji of your choice right here.)

Which brings me to the glorious Paulina. I had purchased a used JAMIEshow Ginnie doll off Ebay and, upon receiving her, wasn't particularly taken with her eyes. They were smallish and on the beady side. If this were a film noir movie from the 1940s, Ginnie would play the shifty waitress named Carlene who, though she loved the film's hero, was still comfortable selling information about him to his enemies. Yep. That's the shifty kind of stuff that beady-eyed people do, and I wanted better for Ginnie.

Jewelianne to the rescue.

I told her that I admired a couple of her repaints -- yes, I am talking about you, Bronte -- and asked her to make Ginnie's eyes larger. Who knew that a few brief paragraphs in an e-mail message could evolve into something as extraordinary as Paulina?

But, that is what you get with Jewelianne. She is an E-ticket attraction (for those of you who remember when that was the real deal at Disney parks). She is slavishly devoted to each doll. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and she is incredibly intuitive. Above all that, she is a pleasure to exchange messages with. In summary, Jewelianne is the maddeningly talented, friendly and gifted person to fix that doll of yours that never gets to come out of its box because, frankly, it reminds you of that loud-mouth cousin Rhonda (who is a complete jerk).
I would like to add as the artist, that I was so honored to create this repaint on a JamieShow doll. This JamieShow Ginnie doll provided an exquisite canvas for this particular Jewelianne repaint. I am not affiliated with this exceptional manufacturer of  the finest resin dolls. 

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